The monthly Devine Nails Delights Box is a subscription box especially for those who love Devine Nails.

As you all know Devine Nails are hand painted, re-useable false nails. 

Devine Nails offer you salon worthy nails without the commitment or price. 

Keep your Devine Nails collection topped up with a monthly Delights Box delivered right to your door. 

Each month is a different theme and the contents of the box are a surprise. Below are a few snaps of our Valentine's Day themed Delights Box. 

How it works?

- The theme of the Delights Box is announced within the first week of the month. We will not give too much away as it is a surprise!

- Between the 12th - 16th of each month payment is requested (This applies to our existing subscribers also)

- Your monthly Delights Box is then shipped before the last week of the month.

You can order your first Delights Box via our website or get in touch with us via the online contact form.

Go on, treat yourself to a gift from you to you.